Audience Measurement

Nigel Jacklin has designed, improved and worked on many industry measurement surveys including the Global Capital Markets survey (fielded in 37 countries, see, the UKOM online audience planning system, Media Brand Values and a range of specialist surveys. See for more details of Nigel's online, TV and print experience.

Think Media currently hold the contracts for the NMRS National Medical Readership of GPs and the HRS Hospital Readership Survey. In 2011 we conducted four other industry surveys using postal, online and qualitative techniques.

Our work in this area requires a high degree of technical expertise, robust methodology and transparent reporting whether we are conducting the research, managing or advising.



We run many projects across both online and traditional media and are able to bring a neutral approach to both measurement and product development projects. As media has become an increasingly tough business we recognise the need to experiment and keep pace with new developments whilst having a balanced perspective.


Product Development

We can help you to develop and launch new products, to refine those you currently offer and even decide whether to close or sell them. Our work in this area has included subscription based services, product extensions and new advertising propositions.



We understand the intricacies of specialist and professional audiences and have used a variety of techniques to research specialist audiences including accountants, art collectors, engineers, recruitment consultants and nurses for both qualitative and quantitative projects.



We can help you at both a strategic level, understanding your market position, audiences and their information needs as well as at a tactical level with market positioning, attitude or brand value surveys. We have undertaken this work for advertisers, agencies and in partnership with media organisations.


Global Capital Markets

To find out more about this survey of senior financial decision makers in 37 countries click here.


Medical Media

To find out more about our work in this area click here.


The Future of Media

In 2005/6 Nigel undertook a personal project looking at developments in 'serious' media. This work led to the development of a 'media-ecosystem' approach, which takes into account the way in which commercial and other market factors interact with each other. Going against the mainstream hype at the time, Nigel predicted that take up of mobile internet would be slow, correctly predicting that it would not reach significant levels until 2011 (see below) and (less controversially) that the digital fold up newspaper was not the future.

At the time, whilst it was clear that for many people their small portable (mobile) device was their most personal (first use) device, the industry was too focused on the premise that people would want to access the latest information whenever they wanted it, wherever they were. Even if this were true, the commercial key to make this work (which turned out to be Apps) was missing. Furthermore what people turned out to want was a quick or easy means of accessing all sorts of information, enjoying a diversion, keeping up with friends or making a transaction at a time and place convenient to them (perhaps bypassing the slow or restricted use PC they were sitting next to)…rather than being very up to date, all the time, with the latest news.

Having reviewed the project 5 years on (including predictions made for 2011) we are in the process of updating the website ( which is still under construction. Many of the key concepts of the time are still valid including the importance of the nature of time, architecture and situationalism and the (non) rise of DIY journalism.