Nigel has worked with print, TV and online media in the UK and worldwide. He has created, advised and worked on many prestigious industry contract and advised many of the world's leading media organisations and advertisers. He is both technically sound and commercially astute.

This page details some of the published work Nigel has been involved in and gives details of his earlier experience (form the start of his research career in 1985).


Global Capital Markets…Nigel set up this survey of CFO's and senior bankers in 1997. It became the first global tri-media survey, measuring print, TV and web sites (see The latest survey was published at the end of 2011.

Medical Readership Surveys…Think won the contract for the National Medical Readership Survey of GP's in 2009 and retained the Hospital Readership Survey which Nigel has run since 2005. Both surveys use a postal methodology.

UKOM Audience Planning System…one of the Chief Architects of the UKOM partnership approach, Nigel ran the Audience Planning System tender process making the recommendation to appoint Nielsen as UKOM's partner. He then worked with Nielsen to deliver the Audience Planning System on time in February 2010. Nigel chose to stop working for UKOM in April 2010. The APS uses an online panel.

The Future of Media…we have been revisiting the findings of this development project providing insight into the Media Ecosystem. The first study was presented at the Media Research Group in 2006.

Product Development…Think undertake confidential development projects for publishers. This has included new product development, strategic and tactical projects many relating to online services and subscription revenue generation. Products Nigel has worked on covered subjects such as medical information, private investment, secondary rights, China and the arts market.

Audience Profile Studies…Think conduct profile and brand surveys using on-line, postal and telephone methodologies.

Qualitative…many projects involved use of semi-structured telephone interviews. We also conduct depth interviews and focus groups, bringing in outside help if required.

Analytics…we are able to make the most of existing data through analytics, compiling data from published sources or reviewing the findings of previous research.



Financial Times, Research Consultant…during his time as research consultant to Nigel worked on research which led to the launch of FT Deutschland, the redesign of the Asian edition, creation of education rankings, identification of market segments and the development of

EMS…Nigel reviewed the internal procedures used on the European Media and Marketing Survey, writing a procedure book and technical description. He then acted as a Technical Consultant working on boosts to the business sample as well as ascribing and modeling TV data.

International Communications Planning Conference…Nigel launched and ran this 'media neutral' conference for 7 years from 1995 to 2001.

Lebanese National Media Survey…designed and oversaw the introduction of this survey in 1995 which measured print, TV and radio.

Ipsos Purchase RSL…worked as an adviser on media to Ipsos founder Didier Truchot; helped cultural integration at RSL.

Deputy Managing Director, RSL Media…Nigel was Deputy Managing Director of RSL Media during a period of significant growth when RSL gained the radio contract (RAJAR), the BARB TV establishment survey and set up joint venture RSMB.

Mobile…worked with Ericsson on a series of surveys tracking their image during the early days of mobile.

Customer services…worked on a range of surveys for American Express in the financial and travel sectors.

Pan European Survey (PES)…briefed suppliers in 14 countries on this face to face survey of high status individuals. This elite print survey lost support to EMS.

Pan European Television Audience Research…regained the contract to run this diary survey, working with MTV.

European Business Readership Survey…streamlined the production process of this survey, taking advantage of new CATI technology and introduced enhancements. Re-enforced the position of the survey in the marketplace and significantly improved its financial contribution.

Asian Businessman Readership Survey…having manually edited the data for the first ABRS by telex in 1995, Nigel helped establish the survey on a sound financial footing. Working with Adrian Chedore and Tim Balbirnie he moved the fieldwork to newly founded AMI (later to become Synovate).

National Readership Survey…worked with Pym Cornish and Erhard Meier on routine data issues such as ascription and masthead production.

BP International…tested a stock control system for oil rigs (the predecessor of modern retail stock systems), implemented an aviation fuel pricing system and analysed fuel demand during two years forming part of my degree course.

Education/Schooling…Degree in Business and Operations Research from Ealing CHE (sponsored by BP International). Learnt to programme in Basic age 12; recorded first cassette 'album' age 17.