The Influence of Technology

Long before the invention of the world wide web the influence of developments in technology on business, media and research were evident. Having started writing programmes in basic at the age of 12 and carried out an early version of an internet search as part of my degree thesis (in 1984) I was an early convert to technology. The current rise of mobile media (which, in 2006, I correctly predicted would be slower than expected) helps put online media in perspective. Web sites were just the latest development in media technology, preceded by cable/satellite TV and digital print technology, followed by mobile media. This latest development helps clarify how online media is of far lesser importance than changes in the total consumer landscape and that broader trends in the use of technology, processes and infrastructure are what we really need to think about.


Global and Emerging Markets

One of my earliest jobs as a market researcher was to work on the first Asian Businessman Readership Survey in 1985; based in London I edited data from Hong Kong by telex. As the survey became more established the relative economic importance of the region grew with markets such as Hong Kong rising to become as prosperous as many European countries. During the intervening years the world has moved from being regional to global and I have had the pleasure of working in both established and developing markets in all regions of the world.


Serious and Professional Audiences

Much of our work is with business, management and professional audiences or for serious consumer media. The extent to which these groups rely on trusted information sources varies considerably; they all tend to be difficult to reach and require a professional approach to ensure they are engaged. We have used telephone, online and postal methodologies for a range of these groups; our telephone interviewers conduct both structured and semi-structured interviews in the UK and worldwide.


Ethical and Environmental Issues

Having worked with The Ecologist for many years I was pleased to launch our annual Ethical and Environmental Influentials survey with them in 2011. This shows that whilst many who take such issues seriously feel that bad practices need to be exposed, most also want to work more closely with big business to encourage better ethical and environmental behaviour.


Research Quality

Our focus as a business is to provide high quality findings and advice at a reasonable cost. We ensure that our approach to each project is well thought through and provides the best solution for the task in hand. We work to make sure that our samples are representative and the questions people answer are understood as we intended them to be. Each client and project will have unique reporting requirements which we are flexible enough to accommodate, whether that be straight 'field and tabs' through to management debriefs and interim feedback. Our main base in Eastbourne helps reduce our overheads and cost base; our focus on identifying key needs helps avoid unnecessary questions and excessive sample sizes.

Nigel Jacklin

Managing Director

January 2012